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Consuming URL Shortening Services –

This is another article of our URL shortening services series. This article is talking about shortening service provided by Go Daddy. If you don’t know how to access this service from your .NET application, then it’s the time to.

We’ll have a complete discussion of the WCF services offered by Then, we’ll consider the RESTful interfaces provided.

Understanding Value Types and Reference Types

Today, we’ll have a brief discussion of value types and reference types in .NET framework and how their behavior change while used or passed to functions. We’ll talk about the passing mechanism, the two genres of .NET types, the scope, and the conversion routines between the two genres.

Happy Programmer Day! Thank You Programmers!

Happy programmer day! Thank you all programmers!

Great Visual Studio 2010 Wallpapers, Logos, and Color Schemes

Great Visual Studio 2010 wallpapers, logos, and color schemes for your eyes!