MSP Tech Academy

Welcome to MSP Tech Academy

Our target: MSP Tech Academy aims to help all who interested in technology to build up their technical skills and help them to be ready to IT market.

The Academy Workshops:

  • Windows Application (WinForms)
  • Web Application (ASP.NET)
  • Cloud Application (Windows Azure)
  • Mobile Application (Windows Phone 7)
  • Business Application (Microsoft Dynamics AX)
  • Game Programming (XNA)
  • Robotics (Microsoft Robotics Studio)


MSP Tech Academy will take a place on February 1, 2011.


Online using Microsoft Office Live Meeting.


Three simple steps


Worth mentioning that the sessions are all in Arabic.

You can join the academy and attend the sessions for FREE. You’ve to pay just the fees for your internet connection for the time you spend on internet☺.

Follow updates about the event in Facebook here:

Me and my friend, Hassan Selim, will be giving the first session about desktop development. Can you kindly tell us about the topics you wish to be covered in the session?

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