Blocking Facebook and Twitter in Egypt …. the good and the bad news!

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OK, we’ll start with the good news first.

The good news is that Facebook and Twitter are blocked now in Egypt because of the protests (although it won’t last for a long) and they are talking about cutting the Internet completely for a while. If then, I can go continue studying, grab a book and start reading it, complete my homework and other things, play with the kids, and/or visit my family (really.)

The bad news is that I haven’t done anything I have mentioned above and I have wasted all the time talking about Egypt protests and Facebook blocking with my friends on email, twitter, and Facebook. (what?!!) Actually, I got access to Facebook and twitter via a proxy (this is also very bad!!!)

Here comes the worst, I have been idle for more than 2 hours and didn’t do anything except writing this post and another one in my Arabic blog (just FYI,) and I have a small project that need to be finished today, and also I have lots of to study, and I haven’t done anything today, and I don’t know why!

Oh, one more thing to say, I really love Egypt, love all the good and bad things, actually there’s nothing bad. I really love it, love it so that I can’t see anything bad.

Enjoy your day!

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