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Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight

In this article we’ll have a brief introduction to Microsoft Silverlight, see how it fits with other technologies today, and watch it in action. Get ready!

Watch a Full T-SQL Course for FREE, available for 48 hours only

Again from Pluralsight, watch a full T-SQL course for FREE (available for 48 hours only.) Don’t miss it, start NOW.

Wiki-OS; Open-Source Silverlight Operating System

Wiki-OS is the only open-source web OS (online operating system) where anyone can contribute right away like a wiki.

Silverlight Operating System… really?!!!

I was hanging around on the Web trying to find anything interesting and found that thing that stopped me and made me say, WOW!

Watch a Full Silverlight 5 Course for FREE (available for 24 hours ONLY)

Watch a full Silverlight 5 course for FREE, available for 24 hours ONLY. Don’t miss it, Start NOW!

[Stats] 97% of machines run Flash, 74% run Java, and 73% run Silverlight

As of April 2011 97% of machines connected to Internet run Adobe Flash, 74% run Sun Java, and 73% run Microsoft Silverlight. Market shared and penetration rates for Flash, Java, and Silverlight are 97%, 74%, and 73% respectively.