Wiki-OS; Open-Source Silverlight Operating System

Wiki-OS is the only open-source web OS (online operating system) where anyone can contribute right away like a wiki.

Silverlight Operating System… really?!!!

I was hanging around on the Web trying to find anything interesting and found that thing that stopped me and made me say, WOW!

Watch a Full Silverlight 5 Course for FREE (available for 24 hours ONLY)

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[Stats] 97% of machines run Flash, 74% run Java, and 73% run Silverlight

As of April 2011 97% of machines connected to Internet run Adobe Flash, 74% run Sun Java, and 73% run Microsoft Silverlight. Market shared and penetration rates for Flash, Java, and Silverlight are 97%, 74%, and 73% respectively.

Examples of COM Automation in Silverlight 4

In the previous lesson we talked about COM automation support introduced in Silverlight 4 and we said that COM automation is available only for Silverlight OOB (Out-of-Browser) applications that have Elevated Trust, and that’s one of the security restrictions imposed by Silverlight.

Today, we’re going to talk about COM automation in more details and give few Silverlight examples that make use of this great feature.

Introducing COM Automation in Silverlight 4

In April 2010 Silverlight 4 was released to the world with one of its great features ever, COM-automation support, that allows you to create cutting-edge applications that do everything you can imagine.

[UPDATE] Added JSON support for the API client

Updated the article “Consuming URL Shortening Services –”.

Blocking Facebook and Twitter in Egypt …. the good and the bad news!

The good and the bad news about Egypt protests and blocking Facebook and Twitter. Little thoughts!

Building Applications that Can Talk

In this article we are going to explore the Speech API library that’s part of the TTS SDK that helps you reading text and speaking it. We’re going to see how to do it programmatically using C# and VB.NET and how to make use of LINQ to make it more interesting. The last part of this article talks about…… won’t tell you more, let’s see!

Configuring ASP.NET with IIS

The problem arises when you install IIS after installing ASP.NET. If you do this, IIS will configure itself for the ASP.NET version that ships with your Windows edition that might be an older version (e.g. version 2.0) and you won’t be able to run any web application built using a later version of ASP.NET.

Installing IIS on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Learn how to install IIS on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, and how to make it available from the Run command.

10 Years of Wikipedia … Join our celebration in Cairo

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, join us in Cairo.

Little thoughts about coding…

Something you might or might not know about me ;-)

How I love Formspring 404 Not Found page!

What a cool 404 Not Found page! Learn about 404 pages best practices.

MSP Tech Academy

MSP Tech Academy aims to help all who interested in technology to build up their technical skills and help them to be ready to IT market. Our free online sessions will start on February 1st, 2011. Be sure to join us.