[UPDATE] My résumé, updated and published

Just updated and published my CV, be sure to check it out.

Top 10 posts of 2010

Happy new year everybody. Here’s a list of the top 10 posts of 2010.

Consuming URL Shortening Services – 1click.at

Another article of our endless series that talks about accessing URL shortening services programmatically.

This article is talking about 1click.at shortening service, how you can use it, and how to access it via your C#/VB.NET application.

[Video] Where will you be five years from today?

Where will you be five years from today? What will you do in the next five years? What are you dreaming about? A great video inspired from the “5” book.

.NET Interoperability at a Glance 3 – Unmanaged Code Interoperation

This is the last article in this series, it talks about unmanaged code interoperation; that’s, interop between .NET code and other code from other technologies (like Windows API, native libraries, COM, ActiveX, etc.)

Be prepared!

.NET Interoperability at a Glance 2 – Managed Code Interoperation

In the previous article, you learnt what interoperability is and how it relates to the .NET Framework. In this article, we’re going to talk about the first form of interoperability, the Managed Code Interop. In the next article, we’ll talk about the other forms.

.NET Interoperability at a Glance 1 – Introduction

In this article and the few following it, we’ll try to take a tour in Interoperability in .NET Framework.

In this lesson, we’ll start by an introduction to the concept of Interoperability. In the next few lessons, we’ll have a look at Interoperability and how it fits into the .NET Framework and other technologies.

Since Interoperability is a very huge topic and cannot be covered in just a few articles, we’ll concentrate on Interoperability in .NET Framework (not any other technologies) and summarize its uses.

Here we go!

OMG Rumor about Priority Scheduling!

A rumor about priority scheduling algorithm used in IBM 7094 machine at MIT in 1973.

All Microsoft Twitter Accounts in One Place!

If you are a Microsoft fan or you love to follow updates about Microsoft or Microsoft technologies, then this is for you. We have gathered all official Microsoft twitter accounts in only one twitter list!

Consuming URL Shortening Services – X.co

This is another article of our URL shortening services series. This article is talking about X.co shortening service provided by Go Daddy. If you don’t know how to access this service from your .NET application, then it’s the time to.

We’ll have a complete discussion of the WCF services offered by X.co. Then, we’ll consider the RESTful interfaces provided.

Understanding Value Types and Reference Types

Today, we’ll have a brief discussion of value types and reference types in .NET framework and how their behavior change while used or passed to functions. We’ll talk about the passing mechanism, the two genres of .NET types, the scope, and the conversion routines between the two genres.

Happy Programmer Day! Thank You Programmers!

Happy programmer day! Thank you all programmers!

Great Visual Studio 2010 Wallpapers, Logos, and Color Schemes

Great Visual Studio 2010 wallpapers, logos, and color schemes for your eyes!

Consuming URL Shortening Services – bit.ly

This is a very hot article that you can’t leave without checking it first. This article is talking about the most popular and powerful URL shortening service ever, bit.ly.

Today, we are going to talk about bit.ly API, its functions, and how you can access them from your .NET application.

Let’s go!

Consuming URL Shortening Services – Cligs

This is another article that talks about URL shortening services. Today we are going to talk about Cligs, one of the popular shortening services on the web.

Be prepared!