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New release of ILMerge (v2.10.0219)

As we promised to keep you posted with new releases of your favorite applications and development tools.

Today, Mike Barnett released the new version of ILMerge (v2.10.0219)‏ that fixed a bug where the /ver option did not correctly enforce the AssemblyVersion attribute’s specification.

ILMerge 2.9.0727 is now available

Latestly, Mike Barnett the developer of ILMerge released the new version 2.9.0727 which fixes major problems that was exist in the previous version 2.9.0210.

Merge your assemblies using ILMerge

ILMerge is a utility that can be used to merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly. ILMerge takes a set of input assemblies and merges them into one target assembly. The first assembly in the list of input assemblies is the primary assembly. When the primary assembly is an executable, then the target assembly is created as an executable with the same entry point as the primary assembly. Also, if the primary assembly has a strong name, and a .snk file is provided, then the target assembly is re-signed with the specified key so that it also has a strong name.